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Some more juicy news

31 Aug

Some more juicy news

First of all. I had the pleasure to guest Charles Rivel from The Mare on our second album “U.N.DISCO” (check it out here), on a song called “Wonder” under the alias of  Vigint Mille Lieues Sous Les Mers.

Now I’m SO GLAD to announce the band is out with a delicious EP called “I’m So Happy”, the first release from Leopard Up A Tree Records (become their fan on Facebook!).

The video and song are OUTSTANDING, so be sure to check it out!

Then again. Here’s a list of some relevant KinGem news:

  • Stars in Comas gonna play at the Indie Pop Days Festival in Germany THIS FRIDAY. Be there if you can, and get wild!
  • The blogstar “Even In The Future Nothing Works” has reviewed Stars in Coma KinGem Album and you can read about it HERE.
  • Another BRILLIANT Stars in Coma review by Jester Jay is waiting for you HERE.
  • There’s a new Stars in Coma video from “And The Cloud Withdrew From The Sky” album and you can see it in our Vimeo Channel here.
  • We released a second various artist album called “U.N.DISCO” and you can choose between buying it from iTunes or checking out the preview on Last.FM. You can either get the CDR and the whole packaging by ordering it here. Pins and stickers still available for free with a copy of the cd.
  • Mark Zonda presented the “U.N.DISCO” album on his podcast here, while you can see a preview from the forth forthcoming Tiny Tide album “Febrero” in this other broadcast. The song is called “The Psychopath At The Club”. Guitars, mixing and some choirs were done by Andrè Brorsson from Stars in Coma and piano was played by Porlock.
  • We launched a Bandcamp page to see if it works,  just because it will be in vogue for another couple of days. But in Soundcloud we trust, so we updated it with a couple of new neo italo songs :)
  • On a lazy August day Tiny Tide taped their band practice rehearsals. You can check some funny videos here.
  • Finally… we’re DESPERATELY trying to set up a The Cavalcade/Tiny Tide Italian tour. Please get in touch if you wanna lend a helping hand.

That’s all folks! Cheers by now :)


Gem#002: U.N.DISCO

26 Aug

Gem#002: U.N.DISCO

Now you’re making me feel guilty for having spent time between the studio and the beach instead of keeping you update on our tiny little great label! And you’re quite right, since there’s quite a lot in the box but, above all, a second awaited release, a various artist album (with Anthony Rochester, Stars in Coma, The Brigadier, Tiny Tide, Formanta!, Friday Bridge and people from The Mare, Fitness Forever and Still Flyin’) called “U.N.DISCO”.

You can ask for

Friday Bridge – Into The Night by Kingem Records

Here you go with the introduction I wrote for the album… (more…)

NYE + A nice review

11 Aug

NYE + A nice review

Quoting Emiliana Torrini: today has been a great day! Not only I managed to finish the video for Stars in Coma KinGem alubm “And The Cloud Withdrew From The Sky”, but I woke up randomly browsing the web having this nice review from “Good Times Bad Times” blog. Moreover I would like to keep you update on our new partnership with the French indie records shop from Paris “Hands And Arms” , that will now help us to distribute our releases, and some Tiny Tide and The Brigadier nice previews on the weekly SleepWalking Podcast.

Here’s the video and a readymade translation from the blog review on “Good Times Bad Times”.

“Stars in Coma is a Swedish project lead by the artist André Brorsson. He decided to explore the ways to à-la-Animal Collective (electro) Indie pop in his own way with the effort of trying to give a turn to a feed up and over-abused musical genre getting now quite boring.

What’s clear is that this album has got what it takes to play at the same level of other major works, still let’s dive into the songs without making any reference.

The record opens with a pure indie ballad kraft at his best (just like the other songs of the album), with a perfectly suitable synthesized strings melodies and bass line. In a word: absolutely catchy! (more…)