Gem#003: Tiny Tide “MoonTalking”

12 Sep

Third release and it’s time for Tiny Tide “MoonTalking”, a collection of avant-pop fuzz tunes and indie ballads sang from a lonely alien pink moon. Mostly played by Mark Zonda – with the rest of the band buin’ busy on finishing the recording of “Febrero” – the album also see the collaboration of WildHeart, Phillip Lockwood-Holmes from LeBleu and the American artist Marilyn Roxie.

Is MoonTalking a concept album? Maybe in the way Sgt. Pepper was, with songs blended together and a recurring theme (the alien loneliness of the Moon) recurring in most of the tracks. “Fog”, “Rock in the Empire” and “Lust for Clubs” were Mark Zonda attempt to sound like a modern version of Iggy Pop, but it ended sounding more like Roger Waters on “Amused to death” and early Pulp in broken English, with hints on Fellini’s movies, history books, and obscure references to European indie clubs and gossip news from The Sun.

Dendrix had his crystal moment with a perfectly inspired solo on “I would say”, a track that Mark originally wrote for Anna Kurnikova and Wildheart re-arranged on a clever sinth-pop ballad.

Possibly the album will be remembered as the only one having a song called “Manga Nurse”, possibly the best portrait of a classic Tiny song: a modern lennonesque nursey rhyme with reminiscences of David Byrne in the finale and possibly the best match for the brilliant album art work by Naniiebim Studio (UK)

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