Gem#004: Cue Fanfare “Ghost Ship”

7 Nov

I first met Cue Fanfare from Bristol UK when they were… “Santa Dog”. Me and my circle of friends (just quoting new Bohemians) were really enthusiastic ’bout their album, and “Kittyhawk” became a sort of a cult on our European niche. We somehow managed to play together  in Italy few years ago, sharing stages and some relevant restaurants together.  Just like Santa Dog before, Cue Fanfare is an incarnation of the musical vision of Rowena Dugdale and the very talented guitar player Rob Williams, providing a precise and intense musical dress to Rowena’s compositions.

“Rosa” and “Chemical” were put through so many times on indie radio shows, DJs, festivals… and our cars, finding a good place in our mix-tapes between The Long Blondes, The Smiths, Jeff Buckley and clearly The Prefab Sprout.

This long personal introduction just to make you understand how their presence in our little Kingdom is welcomed and appreciated, making it the second totally unexpected gift from a friend musician right after Stars in Coma releasing his last work with our label.

Cue Fanfare started as a duo, but were soon supported by Holly McIntosh on bass and Alan Strawbridge on drums.

The sound of their KinGem EP – called “Ghost Ship” - is dreamy, sophisticated, clever, but always able to connect with listeners in a very warm way. All you have to do is close your eyes and let yourself go to the sound of  Cue Fanfare elegant and coloured pop.

The rarest gem? Having the chance to share such a rad and brilliant production out of our little indie tribe.

More information and album shop page here.

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