Gem#005: Kitty Kitten Kristmas

16 Nov

I never dreamt I would have run a label, it  always seemed like a dream to me. It’s no secret one of my all time favourite was Trattoria Records and I own lots of album from Cornelius, Citrus and Salon Music and I’ve always been fond of their collaborative projects, expecially the Christmas special “The Exotic Cristmas – Trattoria Course”. That’s why – after having launched the label  – it was a priority mission to gather some friends musicians to work on a festive collection of Christmas pop songs.

The name “Kitty Kitten Kristmas” came out after a funny Facebook chat with Paola Dutti (she worked out the art for the album doing a splendid job!) pinging stupid YouTube clips from wall to wall.

The album features the presence of the second Tiny Tide Christmas track about their drummer Mike Leffe unlucky Christmas love affair experiences. You can also listen to yet another marvelous tune from The Brigadier, quite a winter holiday institution since a couple of years and EP (“M.I.S.T.L.E.T.O.E” is a really funny song!).

KKK also sees the debut for Cherry Berry and the equally mysterious and blessed A Nice Person, alongside “Unhappy New Year” from the Indietracks champions Paisley & Charlie.

While I’m sure you don’t need introductions for Stars in Coma and his instant classic “The Frozen Spectacle” maybe not all of you are familiar with “The Clever Square”, the Italian Beat Happenings that never used to take Christmas too seriously. Even Santa.

MOREOVER! Packaging is home made and AWESOME! Make it the perfect Christmas gift for your indie maniac friends!

More information and album shop page here.

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