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Paris Vs GaGa

30 Dec

Paris Vs GaGa

Snow apparently stopped the infamous Lady G from playing in Paris,  but this cold winter had surely not affected our little musical sleight to Indievalley. We’re really happy that so many friends enjoyed our little Christmas compilation (See The JangleBox and FrigoPop and Dance Like Shaquille O’Neal features) and some impressive reviews on Tiny Tide’s Moontalking album (see Music She Blogged, Fabtastic Music and Sentireascoltare).

So cool but not frozen! We’ve got some special super plates for you right on the first months of 2011, starting from Tiny Tide’s “Febrero”, the abum that took 4 years to be written and recorded with collaborations with Anthony Rochester, The Brigadier and Stars In Coma, coming next with a new magical album. Talkin’ about their singer…  do expect some posts in Swedish on this blog soon! Sweden never had a prob being cool in the snow!

PS: A Nice Person had a sweet little show on a Christmas Party last week! Watch him play “Holly Turns To Grey” along with Mark and Manuel from Tiny

“Holly Turns To Grey” – A Nice Person from Kingem Records on Vimeo.