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Blow Up and Marina

5 Jan

Blow Up and Marina

Most of my international friends are not familiar with “Blow Up”. Blow Up is a musical magazine with an eye wide open to indie productions. It’s very popular here, and I think I’m the only bloke in the indie tribe not buying the review in the news stands. It has quite a history here and along with “Rumore”, “Losing Today” and “Rockerilla” you may consider it the Italian NME. So what’s the fuzz about this magazine? Kingem Records has been reviewed! Here’s a copy of the  Enrico Veronese article and a quick translation…

“Talking about popular niche we’re dealing with Mark Zonda (Tiny Tide) and the launch of his Kingem Records, aiming to help  those worldwide pail indiepop heroes after almost casual collisions: they’re already at their 5th release and this young label stacks up against others for its intense  pop sympathy balanced on Scandinavian ethereal sounds, cryogenic lo-fi Italo Disco, sugary Christams compilations and a maniacal care for art direction. That’s because you just can’t put off the fire when it’s burning from so many borderlines…”

By the way. Vacation time for me. Talking about fire… putting so many things off I’m setting a week off to write and record a couple of songs for Tiny Tide. The first one goes to Marina from “Marina and The Diamonds”. Hope she likes it. And that you like it too!

A Diamond For Marina by tinytide