1 Feb

Tiny Tide is an indie retro pop band from Italy, with its mind open to new indie sounds such as The Golden Dawn, Magenta Skycode and Selebrities. But their new work is all really about Bowie and The Beatles. And I’m From Barcelona. And a bit Dire Straits and Cure too. Let’s not even mention Divine Comedy and Moz. The new work is called “Febrero”, and it’s the #6 release for KinGem Records. Did I mention that it’s my band too?

You can buy Febrero here.
(and listen to some samples as well)

“Here’s a first impressive review by Charlie Levels from Paisley & Charlie.
When I first heard ‘Febrero’ by the wickedly-named Tiny Tide, (it’s a play on New Wave indie), I immediately felt like grabbing a full-length overcoat and heading off to the local library to mope around, just like all those Morrissey-loving kids in the mid 80’s. Once in the library I would seek out tapes by Bowie and The New York Dolls, read up on The Ramones and Talking Heads and then browse the internet to download gems by Helen Love and The Monochrome Set.

Mark Zonda and his glorious cohorts have created an absolute gem of an album – both personal and heartfelt, full of pathos and charm but also packed with Morrissey-esque, almost comic song titles, (‘The Psychopath at the Club’, ‘Ginger Genie’ and ‘Mask Me Mask Me Mask Me’), with the sort of Wildean wit not seen or heard since the gladioli-wielding, internationally famous playboy’s heyday back in the last century.” [Review continues here...]

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