New Stars in Coma Release

24 Mar

Andrė Brorsson, creative-in-chief of the band, I take my hat off to you sir. You are a genius.” ~Charlie Levels on SleepWalKing Magazine.

It’s really a pleasure to share this new KinGem Release. A Stars in Coma new album is not only an excuse to rejoice and discover the new musical gems of Andrè Brorson, it’s also a chance to directly experience his artistic growth and improvement as songwriter, producer and musician.

“Midnight Puzzle” – the new album -  it’s an evolution towards a 3 minute-indie-prog-pop and a visionary and committed songwriting attitude, blending thoughts on today’s messy stories with André’s inner world, turning this new work in Stars in Coma’s own Sgt. Pepper.

The brilliantly produced “Magic Season” is pure classic with some unconscious bits of Shibuya-Kei, and I’m sure that also Cornelius and Pizzicato 5 will love it, just like the YMO-sque “Tuck Dales”. The song “Midnight Puzzle” is an  classic nighttime ballad with piano chords reminiscing of America and Todd Rungren, while Scritti Politti and Style Council would have killed to have had “Paint My Picture On The Thick Shell” on one of their albums.

Either if your a long time “Stars in Coma” fan or you’re just looking for a new nice listening to fall in love with, “Midnight Puzzle” is the sweetest excuse to close your eyes and dream the perfect soundtrack of your springtime nights.

You can buy it and have more information here.

Stars in Coma – Magic Season by Kingem Records

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