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2011 Tiny Christmas EP

13 Dec

2011 Tiny Christmas EP

What’s so special about Christmas songs? Is this kind of silly and very short term vogue goin’ to hold his own place and stand out as a real music genre or is this to be included in the list of silly stuff you’re forced to do in a failing attempt of being cool? As for Christmas 2011 and Tiny Tide seemed a lot like the perfect excuse to challenge its own imagination, since the Italian pop band released a little EP following the old route of Dickens and his Christmas ghost stories.

Not only the EP is ironically called “A Christmas Without Carol”, yet holds three songs called “Vintage Angel (Song of Chirstmas Past)”, “Christmas Lima Bean (Song of Alternative Christmas Present)” and “Noel On The Moon (Song of Christmas Future)”. This new release also include a bonus track called “Cheap Crhistmas”, just recorded for the notorious Italian indie blog “Polaroid”.

You can also get the EP and Polaroid Christmas compilation clicking here and here. Here to buy someone an handmade gift.

Art was made by Claire “Atta Girl” Goldthorp. Do check her site here.