3 Oct

Just like “Plato’s Summer Stars” new Italian indie-pop band “Meat Is Moroder” holds the memories and sounds of Mark Zonda’ summer days.

Everything was recorded in a little room by just an old boy facing his dreams, hopes and fantasies.

Most of the tracks where infulenced by Giorgio Moroder, mainly thanks Daft Punk‘s revival with the smashing summer hit “Get Lucky”.

The cover of the album is designed by UK based Claire Goldthorp Illustrations (

Valeria Caponnetto Delleani and Elena Sestelo from the Spanish pop band “When Nalda Became Punk” features the tracks “I’m In Love With Kurt (But I Really Like Giorgio Moroder)” and “Newsroom Little Pill”, inspired by the American tv serie The Newsroom. You can buy the album from Amazon, Spotify, iTunes and Bandcamp. Enjoy.

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