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Happy to Dance

30 May

Do check and order HERE the last number of the UK based indie club fanzine “Scared to Dance”. Not only for just £2 you’ll get an amazing CD with the coolest indiebands in town, but there’s a two pages review written by Mark Zonda (and double checked by Charlie Paisley!) on Italian Music Scene and KinGem Records :)

Find out more on “Scared to Dance” site here. (more…)

Blow Up and Marina

5 Jan

Blow Up and Marina

Most of my international friends are not familiar with “Blow Up”. Blow Up is a musical magazine with an eye wide open to indie productions. It’s very popular here, and I think I’m the only bloke in the indie tribe not buying the review in the news stands. It has quite a history here and along with “Rumore”, “Losing Today” and “Rockerilla” you may consider it the Italian NME. So what’s the fuzz about this magazine? Kingem Records has been reviewed! Here’s a copy of the  Enrico Veronese article and a quick translation…

“Talking about popular niche we’re dealing with Mark Zonda (Tiny Tide) and the launch of his Kingem Records, aiming to help  those worldwide pail indiepop heroes after almost casual collisions: they’re already at their 5th release and this young label stacks up against others for its intense  pop sympathy balanced on Scandinavian ethereal sounds, cryogenic lo-fi Italo Disco, sugary Christams compilations and a maniacal care for art direction. That’s because you just can’t put off the fire when it’s burning from so many borderlines…”

By the way. Vacation time for me. Talking about fire… putting so many things off I’m setting a week off to write and record a couple of songs for Tiny Tide. The first one goes to Marina from “Marina and The Diamonds”. Hope she likes it. And that you like it too!

A Diamond For Marina by tinytide


Paris Vs GaGa

30 Dec

Paris Vs GaGa

Snow apparently stopped the infamous Lady G from playing in Paris,  but this cold winter had surely not affected our little musical sleight to Indievalley. We’re really happy that so many friends enjoyed our little Christmas compilation (See The JangleBox and FrigoPop and Dance Like Shaquille O’Neal features) and some impressive reviews on Tiny Tide’s Moontalking album (see Music She Blogged, Fabtastic Music and Sentireascoltare).

So cool but not frozen! We’ve got some special super plates for you right on the first months of 2011, starting from Tiny Tide’s “Febrero”, the abum that took 4 years to be written and recorded with collaborations with Anthony Rochester, The Brigadier and Stars In Coma, coming next with a new magical album. Talkin’ about their singer…  do expect some posts in Swedish on this blog soon! Sweden never had a prob being cool in the snow!

PS: A Nice Person had a sweet little show on a Christmas Party last week! Watch him play “Holly Turns To Grey” along with Mark and Manuel from Tiny

“Holly Turns To Grey” – A Nice Person from Kingem Records on Vimeo.

Let’s Jam!!

5 Oct

Let’s Jam!!

It was a real BLAST seing Still Flyn playing “Camoflage Detection” in front of me at Zuni, in Ferrara. Since the first notes from the Alesis Micron started (the same synth I use for Tiny Tide) it was clear it could have been no other song but that. Seconds after Sean Rawl got closer to the microphone and went:”This is a cover from another band…”. Then I shouted:“NIGHTLIFE UUUUUSSSAAAAA!!!!”. Sean raised just one brow, just like Mr. Spock, and asked:“Mark?!?!”. Then me:“… talk ya later…”. This band is CRAZY! And they were great! Song was practically the same of the one that you can hear on the U.N.DISCO album (they told me they performed that one on the streets as well during the tour) beside my voice rotten by the emotion on finallybeing on a  live performance where I actually knew a good 30% of the words of the song!

Still Flyin’ – Camoflage Detection from Kingem Records on Vimeo.

By the way, we have another U.N.DISCO review on SleepWalKing Magazine, now also on Amazon, while you can read an interview to Sean right here.

Other news? You can find another The Brigadier song on his space + be sure to come back to this site next monday: there’s gonna be a 4th KinGem release, coming directly from Bristol :)

Also thanks to E20Romagna and the notorious DJ Luigi Bertaccini for the nice article on KinGem Records and its production right here. Cheers!


NYE + A nice review

11 Aug

NYE + A nice review

Quoting Emiliana Torrini: today has been a great day! Not only I managed to finish the video for Stars in Coma KinGem alubm “And The Cloud Withdrew From The Sky”, but I woke up randomly browsing the web having this nice review from “Good Times Bad Times” blog. Moreover I would like to keep you update on our new partnership with the French indie records shop from Paris “Hands And Arms” , that will now help us to distribute our releases, and some Tiny Tide and The Brigadier nice previews on the weekly SleepWalking Podcast.

Here’s the video and a readymade translation from the blog review on “Good Times Bad Times”.

“Stars in Coma is a Swedish project lead by the artist André Brorsson. He decided to explore the ways to à-la-Animal Collective (electro) Indie pop in his own way with the effort of trying to give a turn to a feed up and over-abused musical genre getting now quite boring.

What’s clear is that this album has got what it takes to play at the same level of other major works, still let’s dive into the songs without making any reference.

The record opens with a pure indie ballad kraft at his best (just like the other songs of the album), with a perfectly suitable synthesized strings melodies and bass line. In a word: absolutely catchy! (more…)