A sweet indie pop band from Indonesia influenced by Red Sleeping Beauty & Acid House Kings.

Annemarie was born in late 2004 when Eko met with Iqbal, his junior high school mate.  The two core men from Annemarie had a dream, like zillion popkidz around the world:  of course, making a band!  That’s why soon Banyu, Dian, Tantri and Tating joined in, being soon carried away by Eko love for Velvet Underground and Iqbal obsession for The Smiths.

After some changes in the line up the band now is formed by Iqbal (vocal/guitar), Rima (vocal), Asso (bass), Tating (guitar), Bayu (drum), and Icha (keyboard). They collaborated with Tiny Tide on the theme-EP project “Fall to Fall”.

Annemarie – Spring Bus by Kingem Records