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Gem#001: Stars in Coma
And The Cloud Withdrew From The Sky”

Electro Indie Pop from Sweden.

Gem#002: AA.VV.

Electro Indie Pop from all over the World


Gem#003: Tiny Tide

Indie Pop From Italy

Gem#004: Cue Fanfare
“Ghost Ship

Bristol acclaimed sophisti-pop

Gem#005: AA. VV.

Indie Christmas Pop Compilation


Gem#006: Tiny Tide

Indie Pop from Italy & friends

Gem#007: Stars In Coma
“Midnight Puzzle

So much more than Indie Pop from Sweden

Gem#008: Tiny Tide
“There’s A Girl That Never Goes Out

Impossible Indie Pop Love Songs

Gem#009: Tiny Tide
“Plato’s Summer Stars

Indie Dark Pop Summer Diary from Italy

Tiny Tide AnnemarieGem#010: Tiny Tide – Annemarie
“Fall to Fall

Four Indiepop Seasons from Italy and Indonesia

Tiny Tide ProtestGem#011: Tiny Tide
“A Protest

Indie Pop Ballads and Psych-Folk from Italy

A Christmas Without CarolGem#012: Tiny Tide
“A Christmas Without Carol”

Christmas Indie Songs in Unpure Dickens Style

Gem#013: Zondini
“Re:Visioni del Tempo”

Zondini magnetic Italian twee pop

Gem#014: Zondini
“Sole, Tele, Cereali Svedesi”

Lo-Fi Summer EP from Italy to Sweden


Gem#015: Stars in Coma
You, Me and a Nuance of Arctic Air ”

Swedish Indie Pop soundscapes

Gem#016: Tiny Tide
round The World In 80 Dates”
12 indie pop love songs and 1 lonesome alt-ballad 

Gem#017: Tiny Tide
White Monster

Acoustic indie soft ballads from Italy

Gem#018: Tiny Tide
Meat Is Moroder”
Indie Pop Synth or Not

Gem#019: Tiny Tide
HumpDay LoverDose”

Indie Pop From Italy

Chansons InvisiblesGem#020: Zondini et Les Monochrome
Chansons Invisibles”

Italian Oriented Shoegaze

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