Gem#004: Cue Fanfare

KingGem Release#004

“Ghost Ship”
by Cue Fanfare



Not only just a Prefab Sprout song any more, Cue Fanfare is one of the finest band from Britol you can meet on your music player. Balanced between new wave and sophisti-pop, the band of Rowena Dugdale introduces  itself to our little kingdom and fans. Rowena and the talented guitarist Rob Williams carries on a musical journey interrupted with their previous band Santa Dog, a little cult on the indie tribe thanks to their album Kittyhawk.

Started as a duo, line up and EP are now completed with the arrival of Holly McIntosh and Alan Strawbridge on bass and drums.

Cue Fanfare – The Moth by Kingem Records

Cue Fanfare
“Ghost Ship”

01 – Ghost Ship

02 – The Moth

03 – Beeline

04 – Monkey Puzzle

Cover Art by Bill McConkey (UK)

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