Gem#001 – Stars in Coma

KingGem Release#001

“And The Cloud Withdrew From The Sky”
A self-archeology project from Stars in Coma



Through KingEm Records, the acclaimed wizard of indie pop André Brorsson and his musical project Stars in Coma shares his new retrospective album that touches upon experiences from his latter years of the first 21th century.

Brilliant and pleasant pop colored ballads with inspirations from fading love, Kevin Barnes, isolation, ’80s pop and a some nods at the best  rock classics everyone loved in their youth. Using Mr. Zimmerman coordinates “And The Cloud Withdrew From The Sky” would have found its place between “The Basement Tapes” and “Blood on the track”.

The album is now available as CDR along with a booklet filled with track notes written by André + some cool gadgets from KinGemRecords.

Here’s the tracklist:

Stars in Coma
“And The Cloud Withdrew From The Sky”

01 – In Your Prison

02 – Arcane Abstractions

03 – Macro-Emotions

04 – The Overlords

05 -Those Soft Clouds

06 – NYE

07 – Am I Hermetical?

08 – Intentions of Snow

09 – Vibrant Dreams

10 – Hardly A Memory Remains

11 – Golden Sight, Golden View

12 – My Hidden Fears

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