Gem#006 – Tiny Tide Febrero

KingGem Release#006

by Tiny Tide


It took more than 4 years for Tiny Tide to get together, having Mark Zonda to write the 14 tracks of this album, performing quite each of them on live shows side by side with many international bands from Sweden to UK, just to cross all the so called indie scene and get just through your hands.

This album is just fo far more than a meta diary experience on Febrauary, a tribute to Hideaki Anno’s movie “Love & Pop”, an omage to David Bowie and The Beatles and a clear mock on last years indie music.

The album was made with a HUDGE help from Manuel Magnani, Mike Leffe, Dendrix, André Brorsson (Stars in Coma), Anthony Rochester, Porlock, Marco Spinelli, Simona Rovida, Andrea Lucchi and Matthew Williams (The Brigadier).

I’ve always been in love with pop music, and it’s hard for new sounds to win past time classics. Guess this adventure, after all, is just an excuse to carry on through this cold emotional winter and reach out for the sun. Enjoy.

Tiny Tide – Ginger Genie by Kingem Records

Tiny Tide

01 – February

02 – Tiny Trains

03 – The Psychopath At The Club (w/ Stars in Coma)

04 – Girls From Ronta

05 – A Song For EMI

06 – Ginger Genie

07 – Kitty Jesus (w/ Stars in Coma)

08 – Silver Star

09 – Scrambled Eggs (w/ Stars in Coma)

10 – Mask Me Mask Me Mask Me (w/ Anthony Rochester)

11 – Total Groupie (w/ Andrea Lucchi)

12 – Lover / Loser (w/ Anthony Rochester)

13 – BeachVolley Fields Forever

14 – Valentine Disco Night
(w/ The Brigadier & Simona Rovida)

Pictures by Vladimir Kostromitsky and  Simone Tomaselli