Gem#007 – Stars in Coma “Midnight Puzzle”

KingGem Release#007

“Midnight Puzzle”
by Stars in Coma


André Brorsson is one of the most creative European pop artists our generation has had the pleasure to enjoy. By saying that, I deliberately avoid using words such as “Indie” and “Swedish”, since André and his musical project called “Stars in Coma” are too eclectic and malleable to be forced to cope with these labels. It would be like locking a wild tiger in a cage.

.Trying new directions for his sounds, growing both as artist, producer and musician, André has released his latest album “Midnight Puzzle”, the 7th release for KinGem Records.

“Midnight Puzzle” is not all about catchy music and cool sounds, even though plenty of those attributes can be found on this release.  This album is filled with real soul, which is rarely experienced in  contemporary pop music nowadays. The songs reflects the author’s inner feelings regarding these crazy times we all live in, showing off emotions in an almost unusual and brave way with songs like “Memory 1938″ and the powerful peace anthem “Peacebloom”, a real new band hymn when played live. Romance also finds its place as well on the “Of Montreal-esque” “Dismantle Your Heart” and the psy-folk  “Unique Emotion”, that will sure have an instant appeal to every Ariel Pink fan.

The magical polyhedric opening track “And So” is the real manifesto of this album, with its direct hints to philosophy and changes. Its visionary musical structures gives  listeners the impression that “Midnight Puzzle” might represents Stars in Coma passage to maturity, possibly being Andrè Brorsson’s own Sgt.Pepper.

A must-have for any fan, a good start to get to  know this amazing musician’s work.

Stars in Coma – Magic Season by Kingem Records

01 – And SoStars In Coma Midnight Puzzle

02 – Dismantle Your Heart

03 – Memory 1938

04 – Keller Club

05 – Unique Emotion

06 – Midnight Puzzle

07 – Peacebloom

08 – Apologizer’s Corner

09 – Paint My Picture On The Thick Shell

10 – Tuck Dales

11 – Magic Season

Art by Mark Zonda.