GEM#008 – There’s A Girl That Never Goes Out

KingGem Release#008

“There’s A Girl That Never Goes Out”
by Tiny Tide



It all began in winter 2010-2011, just like in fashion collections. After Mark Zonda “Come Along Pond” and “A Diamond For Marina” in a row, Rimauli Dindani from the Jakarta band Annemarie pointed out that wouldn’t have been a bad idea to have an “Impossible Loves” EP as a next step.

“Why not an album?”, Mark Zonda replied!  So here we are, after several months with 10 impossible pop love songs dealing with Mark Zonda most loved singers, anime characters, girls from history and fairy tales sometimes used as a mask as the sweetest excuse to feel free to express inner feelings and burning emotions. The video “Come Along Pond” – just like the song – is inspired by Doctor Who and her last sweet assitant. Video was directed by one of the finest Italian music video director: Stefano Poletti. You can check it here.


You can find more information on the album here.

Tiny Tide
“There’s A Girl That Never Goes Out”

01 – Thinking ‘Bout Yuka
02 – Heatherley
03 – Short Stories ‘Bout Nina (w/ Simona Rovida)
04 – Come Along Pond (w/ Jonathan Lee Hart)
05 – A Diamond For Marina
06 – Peynet Lovers
07 – Katsuragi, it’s me…
08 – When Gary Met Putih (w/ Rimauli Dindani)
09 – Rachel Green
10 – Blinded By The Pop Stars


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