GEM#009 – Plato’s Summer Star

KingGem Release#009

“Plato’s Summer Stars”
by Tiny Tide



Plato’s Summer Stars it’s a quick album Tiny Tide have made on Mark Zonda experiences during Summer 2011. Having said that this work looks almost like some kind of musical diary. It was recorded just in three weeks, between July and August, and some of the memories are dealing with artists Mark Zonda listened during his vacation, has been a DJ for, or he just enjoyed while they were playin on the beach or some Italian ancient hill. Possibly Tiny Tide most obscure work starting from the cover, designer by the UK based  Claire Goldthorp – Illustrations, behind Atta Girl, Fortuna Pop and Ace Bushy Striptease illustrations.

If you thought like Mark that Summer was gonna be something boring, here’s the last chance to prove he was wrong.

You can find more information on the album here.

Tiny Tide – Caroline, Yeah by Kingem Records
01 – Euro Instinct (Back In The U.E.)

02 – Miracle Day

03 – Nimesulide EG

04 – Shooting With The Welsh Girl

05 – Shoes Got An Hold On Me

06 – Hash Piper

07 – Green Eyes

08 – Name and Shame

09 – Mirna Loy

10 – Caroline, Yeah

11 – Back From The Beach


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