GEM#015 – You, Me and a Nuance of Arctic Air

KingGem Release#015

“You, Me and a Nuance of Arctic Air”

by Stars in Coma


Swedish indie pop project Stars in Coma follows up its successful 2011 album Midnight Puzzle with a genre-bending collection of outtakes and new songs called You, Me and a Nuance of Arctic air.

You, Me and a Nuance of Arctic Air suggests rawer soundscapes compared to Midnight Puzzle’s detailed textures, but without sacrificing the trademark pop sensibility. Similar to 2010’s And the Cloud Withdrew from the Sky, this album mainly consists of outtakes written in 2011, but also features several new songs recorded in the fall of 2012.

This album draws inspiration from a wide range of genres, including chorus-layered 80’s pop, bedroom glam rock and straight-forward pop ‘n’ roll. Similar to earlier releases, this album was written, recorded and produced by André Brorsson. André has been making albums for friends since he was in high school, hidden away in his bedroom playing all the instruments himself. Since he started making albums in 2005, the music has moved through periods of guitar dominated rock, electro-pop and swooning romanticism, all of which come together in a perfect creative storm on You, Me and a Nuance of Arctic air.

Stream/download the first single “Come to Me” here.

Order the MP3 or CD version of the album here.


  1. Uncolored Dreams
  2. Come to Me
  3. For What It’s Worth
  4. New Memorabilia
  5. Homecoming Dream
  6. Sailing in Parallel Dimensions
  7. Three Days Off
  8. Frozen Spectacle