GEM#016 – Around The World In 80 Dates


KingGem Release#016

“Around The World In 80 Dates”

by Tiny Tide

“Around the World in 80 Dates” it’s a journey on the universe of happy indie melody tunes crossing every colour of this music from twee pop to shoegaze through psych, lo-fo and AM-Pop. What you get it 12 choral Happy Pop songs about love and one final sour ballad about abandon and disenchantment.Written and recorded by Mark Zonda with a little help from: Maddalena Zavatta (vocals on “Recording Sarah”), Valeria Caponnetto Delleani (vocals on “Whishing On 10.000 Stars”), Sara Paster (vocals on “Super Surprise”, “Present Present”, “Ikanai De Ne”, Japanese lyrics supervision on “Ikanai De Ne”. album art) and Anthony Rochester.

You can stream and buy the album here.

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  • Recording Sarah
  • Wishing on 10.000 Stars
  • Super Surprise
  • Present Present
  • Final Fashion
  • A Date
  • Rebel Rebel Car
  • Ikanai De Ne
  • Sleepwalking
  • Lucy & Schroeder
  • Now Love
  • Never Met
  • Cyrano Last Song