Gem#017: Tiny Tide “White Monster”

KingGem Release#017

“White Monster”
by Tiny Tide


6th album for the Italian pop project Tiny Tide, White Monster it’s a tribute to David Bowie’s “Scary Monsters”, Beatles’ “White Album” and Kate Bush “The Dreaming”. With some serious doses of Tiny Tide most conventional hipster indie pop. Completely played by Mark Zonda, the album is set on the subjective experience of gettin’ old and die with some episodes facing  singer’s latest romantic affairs. Trock anthems dedicated to the Doctor Who‘s companion Clara Oswin Oswald and Victoria Maud Waterfield, essais dramas (Peter BogdanovichKrzysztof Kieślowski), imaginary characters, popular anchorman and singers (Mike Bongiorno, Cat Power) and many animals complete the crene if a spooky rock’n'roll circus recorded on Winter 2012 in just two weeks.

The cover art is from the talented Elisa Bay.


Tiny Tide“White Monster”

  1. Dogs From Seattle
  2. White Monster
  3. We Dream On
  4. Don’t Change Your Life
  5. Soufflé Girl
  6. Mike Tonight
  7. Hello, Victoria
  8. The Moose And The Goose
  9. Kieslowski Eyes
  10. The Last Picture Show
  11. The Power Of The Cat

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