Gem#018: Tiny Tide “Meat Is Moroder”

KingGem Release#018

“Meat Is Moroder”
by Tiny Tide


7th album for the Italian pop project Tiny Tide. Just like 2011 Plato’s Summer Stars this collection of tracks is the gist of what Summer 2013 was for Mark Zonda, who wrote and played all the tracks.

Valeria Caponetto Delleani is featuring the song “I’m In Love With Curt (But I Really Like Giorgio Moroder)”, while Elena Sestelo from the Spanish indie pop band “When Nalda Became Punk” is sharing the vocals on “Newsroom Little Pill”, a little tribute to Alison Pill from the American serie “The Newsroom”.

The cover art is from our beloved UK based Claire Goldthorp Illustrations.

Here’s the album introduced to Radio Newyork International.


Tiny Tide“Meat Is Moroder”

  1. Honky Tonk Pollard
  2. Smiths Night
  3. Liam Doin’ Eggs
  4. Newsroom Little Pill [w/ Elena Sestelo]
  5. Bye Bye Pride
  6. I’m In Love With Curt (But I Reall Like Giorgio Moroder) [w/ Valeria Caponnetto Delleani]
  7. Sinth Disco Legend
  8. Drunk Pictures In The Loo
  9. Hi, Slug!
  10. In Love With The Shangri-Las
  11. I Met Chaplin’s Granddaughter
  12. Royal Park