Gem#019: Tiny Tide “HumpDay LoverDose”

KingGem Release#019

“HumpDay LoverDose”
by Tiny Tide

HumpDay LoverDose is the 8th album for Tiny Tide, featuring Simona Rovida on vocals. The core idea for Mark Zonda was to make its own version of Wings “Red Rose Speedway” being inspired by a picture from her friend Eugenia.

The album is a collection of songs recorded during 2013 in between working days, that’s why the title. “Back To Anorak City”, “The Singer And The Clown” and “Wild In The Wildlife” were inspired by the sound and the mood of indiependent European labels such as Cloudberry, Anorak and Sarah Records. You can find more details on the album here or download it directly from Tiny Tide Bandcamp.



Tiny Tide“HumpDay LoverDose”

  1. Back To Anorak City (w/ Simona Rovida)
  2. Wild In The Wildlife (w/ Simona Rovida)
  3. The Singer And The Clown (w/Simona Rovida)
  4. Holy Land
  5. Emanuelle VHS
  6. Ballerina Flat
  7. I. Valentine Zoo
  8. II. Former Tenderness Addict
  9. III. Flowers After The Wall
  10. IV. Old House
  11. Kiss Him Goodbye
  12. Teenage Things

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