Gem#020: “Chansons Invisibles”

Zondini et Les MonochromeKingGem Release#020 “Chansons Invisible” by Zondini et Les Monochrome.

The second album in Italian for Mark Zonda. This time with a real band and a real studio. The album is a collection of pop-rock, dream and shoegaze songs dealing with memories and nostalgia, fake and not, between Hollywood actors and Romagna suggestions, the region where Mark Zonda was born and still lives. The album sees the return of Simona Rovida on vocals on “Il Mondo di Lloyd” and “Karina”, and the production and keyboards of Fanto, from FH Studio. The album is played by Mark Zonda, Gennaro Spaccamonti, Andrea Russi and Nico Zanetti.

Art: photo by Bessie Secor, model: Denise Benetti.

You can buy it on BandCampAmazon, iTunes and Spotify.

Zondini Et Les Monochrome“Chansons Invisibles”

  • 01. Il Mondo di Lloyd
  • 02. Carpe Diem
  • 03. Karina
  • 04. Audrey
  • 05. Telefono Senza Feeling
  • 06. La Ballata del Bidente
  • 07. La Ballata del Savio
  • 08. Vecchia Romagna
  • 09. Ippodromo Palindromo
  • 10. Omnia Vincit Amor