Gem#021: Dennis & The Ponys

Dennis & The Ponys “Motorcycle Suicide EP” by Dennis & The Ponys.

Dennis & The Ponys are a new indie pop band from Sweden.  The band is driven by the creative force and inventive of Dennis Hollström and Matilda Tove Hjärtstam, from Lost Summer Kittens. Dennis’ songs are the gist of what’s most appreciated in indie  music: jingle-jangle guitars, sappy sweet melodies and catchy lyrics. Plus – and that’s what’s more fascinating – the band somehow managed to create this dreamy world blending an heroic vision of youth,  a meta country world able to heal and amplify the iris of our feelings, a mixed style with indie pop and country music colliding into a perfect place.

We’re really proud to introduce their debut for KinGem Records.

You can buy “Motorcycle Suicide EP” on Amazon, iTunes and Spotify.

Dennis & The Ponys “Motorcycle Suicide EP”

  • 01. Young Rebel
  • 02. Up On The Hill
  • 03. The Ballad Of Annie & Tommy
  • 04. In Her Room
  • 05. Motorcycle Suicide
  • 06. The Cricket Song
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