Gem#003: Tiny Tide “MoonTalKing”

KingGem Release#003

by Tiny Tide



Tiny Tide is an indie band from Italy digging indie music, experimentations and classic pop rock, lead by the singer Mark Zonda. Still working on their first album “Febrero” under the artistic direction of Andrè Brorsson from Stars in Coma, holding a second album yet to be released on the world of vintage arcades, it really happens that their third work “MoonWalking” it was actually meant to be their debut. The album features some collaborations with WildHeart, Phillip Lockwood-Holmes from LeBleu and the american artist Marilyn Roxie, owner of Vulpiano Records.

Tiny Tide – “A Great Indie Night by Kingem Records

Here’s the tracklist:

Tiny Tide

01 – Left Off

02 – We Are Animals

03 – Rock In The Empire

04 – Manga Nurse

05 – Lust for Clubs

06 – Unfuzz Days

07 – A Great Indie Night

08 – I Would Say

09 – The Smiths and The Cure

10 – Moontalking

11 – Lust for Clubs (reprise)

12 – Plain Little Game

13 – Fog

The album includes Mark Zonda notes on the songs and musician credits. Art by Naniiebim Studio (UK)

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