White Monsters

7 Mar

White Monsters

New Tiny Tide full album was recorded in two weeks, right in between 2012 and 2013 on wintertime. What a better momento to record a “White Mosnter” album?

 ”White Monster” starts from the ambition of Mark Zonda (who sang and played all the parts in the record) to pay tribute to two of the most wired album that inspired him during his youth: “Scary Monsters” and Kate Bush “The Dreaming”. Cover art is by the Italian artist Elisa Bay. Find all about it here!

… Around The World Around The World…

7 Jan

… Around The World Around The World…

Someone made me notice that it has been exactly one year since Tiny Tide released their last work (a Christmas EP called “A Christmas With Carol”).

Now they are back with a new full length album called “Around The World In 80 Dates”, possibly their tweest album ever featuring the song “Recording Sarah”, a real tribute to Sarah Records featuring Maddalena Zavatta. It took almost two years to collect the tunes of this records, featuring many interesting duets with Sarah Paster, Valeria Caponnetto Delleani and Anthony Rochester.

Find all about it… here!

Stars in Coma to Release New Album on Christmas Eve!

27 Nov

Stars in Coma will follow up 2011′s Midnight Puzzle with a new genre-bending collection of outtakes and new songs called You, Me and a Nuance of Arctic air, out December 24 on CD and digital formats. The album will be preceded by three digital singles, unveiled on starsincoma.com every Sunday in December. The first single,  “Come to Me,” is out now.

The album mainly consists of Midnight Puzzle outtakes written in 2011, but also features several new songs recorded in the fall of 2012. “Three Days Off” and “Frozen Spectacle” were originally released as x-mas songs in 2011 and 2010, respectively. The latter was re-recorded for this album with vocals by Nicole Eklund.

Pre-order the album here!


1. Uncolored Dreams*
2. Come to Me**
3. For What It’s Worth**
4. New Memorabilia*
5. Homecoming Dream**
6. Sailing in Parallel Dimensions*
7. Three Days Off***
8. Frozen Spectacle****

* = Recorded in the fall of 2012
** = recorded in 2011
*** = originally released in December 2011 for the Fika Recordings advent calendar
**** = originally released in 2010 for the Kitty Kitten Kristmas compilation, re-recorded in 2012






Zondini Healthy Breakfast Songs

27 Sep

Zondini Healthy Breakfast Songs

A little time has passed since our last update. Ok, let’s say a lot! What has happened till now? Mark Zonda is working on a new Tiny Tide video and album (that has been on the make since 3 years) with a lot of collaborations and started a new music project called Zondini, basically him singing in Italian.

You can check his first album called “Re:Visioni del Tempo” (“Time Re:Visions”) and a little EP called “Sole, Tele, Cereali Svedesi” (“Sun, Telly, Swedish Cereals”). There’s also a little video with Francesca Nik Adamo, directed by Stefano Poletti. Prego!


2011 Tiny Christmas EP

13 Dec

2011 Tiny Christmas EP

What’s so special about Christmas songs? Is this kind of silly and very short term vogue goin’ to hold his own place and stand out as a real music genre or is this to be included in the list of silly stuff you’re forced to do in a failing attempt of being cool? As for Christmas 2011 and Tiny Tide seemed a lot like the perfect excuse to challenge its own imagination, since the Italian pop band released a little EP following the old route of Dickens and his Christmas ghost stories.

Not only the EP is ironically called “A Christmas Without Carol”, yet holds three songs called “Vintage Angel (Song of Chirstmas Past)”, “Christmas Lima Bean (Song of Alternative Christmas Present)” and “Noel On The Moon (Song of Christmas Future)”. This new release also include a bonus track called “Cheap Crhistmas”, just recorded for the notorious Italian indie blog “Polaroid”.

You can also get the EP and Polaroid Christmas compilation clicking here and here. Here to buy someone an handmade gift.

Art was made by Claire “Atta Girl” Goldthorp. Do check her site here.